Thursday, March 22, 2018

Upcoming Brews!

Working with Sweet Bean candies to make a chocolate cherry stout!

It'll have hand ground, artisan, sustainably sourced cocoa nibs and 2 pounds of tart Michigan Cherries.

Watch for it soon!

Brewery Logos

DAB  New logo with Hop Pumpkin

 DAB Hop pumpkin standalone

 DAB Hop pumpkin medallion

DAB old logo

Friday, March 9, 2018

Our Brews... So Far!

Our first brew! Brewed to drink while role-playing. A classic English strong bitter ale, it's best drank whilst dungeon crawling and slaying dragons! Huzzah!!! 

A tasty Belgian-style Dubbel. 

Fronk-en-steen: Damn your eyes! 
Eye-gor: Too late…

A delightful Belgian-style holiday ale with a dark twist. Krampus is out there, waiting...

Named after Northern Ohio's greatest urban legend! 

"Seriously, dude! I saw some Melonheads playing out in the apple orchard! Their beady eyes, swollen heads, evil laughter - it freaked me out!"

Brewed in honor of the great horror master H. P. Lovecraft's 124th birthday. 
Ia! Ia! Cthulhu ph'tagn! 

Our signature brew - whether watching classic horror movies, carving pumpkins, or just enjoying the fireworks of fall leaves - Trick 'r Treat Pumpkin Brew is the perfect mix of pumpkins and spices.

Something a little different! Halloween is here, which means the chance of Wookalar sightings goes up! A special pumpkin brew that pays tribute to a great movie, a spooky monster, and Willoughby's own comedic genius - Tim Conway!

Haunted Harvest is a wickedly delicious pumpkin milk stout guaranteed to put a chill in your bones. Hints of Sailor Jerry rum and maple round out its grotesque complexity. Don't drink it near the fields under an October moon - there are things out there... things that lurk amongst the corn stalks and watch you with dead, hungry eyes. 

Did you hear that? 

That rustling? 

Oh god, it's them! 

They're ALIVE!!!!! 

 Dearthair (pronounced 'draw-har') is a dry Irish stout, aged in Jameson whiskey-soaked oak chips. It's dry and mellow with a perfect whiskey bite. It's the perfect compliment to the season. We're Cleveland Irish, and we're proud of this brew!

(Above are some yearly variations of our Dearthair Spring seasonal labels.)

A one time brew, no longer in production. This special edition Irish red was named in honor of two of the best dogs ever! The co-owners of DAB lost their two best friends within a month of each other in 2016. This Irish Red is named in honor of those canine wonders. Charlie and Murphy -- you were good boys! 

Deep in a special annex in our experimental laboratory, in the bowels of the Dark Autumn Brewery, there’s a special room where resides the innocuously named Celtic Crow Meadery. Why mead? We're not sure how we arrived at mead making. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. Part of the decision was because nobody else we know was doing it. We are, if anything,  iconoclasts and revel in being ‘different’. We just really, really like the idea of making something really old and traditional. That Vikings and Celts loved it and were known for drinking mead from the skull of their enemies was an added bonus! 

It appealed to the ancient Celts that dwell within our geeky souls! 

First Stab at our Vision and Mission Statement

Here’s the deal. The evil geniuses here at Dark Autumn Brewery are big geeks who love weird, nerdy stuff. We grew up watching late night horror hosts and playing D&D. We speak passable Klingon, and are pretty sure that Star Wars is the greatest movie ever made. We love chilly autumn air, Halloween, and all the creepiness that entails. We also love beer; especially when we’re enjoying the big geeky things we do.

That’s why we started the Dark Autumn Brewery… to celebrate what we love and to make tasty craft beers!

Our Core Values
Celebrate Diversity
We're all human beings. We're all the same and should be treated and respected as such. Follow the Golden Rule and don't be a dick.

Think about the Planet
Work and conduct business in a environmentally conscious and sustainable way that leaves the planet a better place than we found it.

"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand." -Woodrow Wilson

Value and Profit
We seek to earn a profit by offering our customers the tasty adult beverages they want. Profit is how the free-enterprise system motivates investment and rewards companies that consistently create value.

Keep it Geeky
We must share our love of the bizarre and esoteric, and always remain passionate about who and what we are. 

Our Mission Statement
To live life and relax, brew and enjoy, and share amazing craft beer with our family, friends, and community.