About Us

Dark Autumn Media is the grotesque and deformed brainchild of author D. Allen Crowley and specializes in presenting the best of horror, science fiction, and fantasy in eBook format. Watch for future compilations and collections from Dark Autumn Media.

Mission Statement: Dark Autumn Media believes that digital media and publishing is the way of the future. We strive to contribute to the unique horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres in all of their forms - written, visual, artistic, and otherwise - and to do so profitably.

Dark Autumn Media's Goals:
  • Develop an online 'zine dedicated to horror, sci-fi, and fantasy
  • Expand our eBook and digital portfolio by editing various collections of public domain work, and eventually publishing digital collections of short stories by unpublished, or up-and-coming writers.
  • Act as a hub for updates and info on the digital publishing world.
  • Eventually expand to act as a more traditional publisher (while still staying in the digital market)

About The Editor/CEO: D. Allen Crowley is a horror author, poet, editor and expert in all things spooky. He lives in historic downtown Willoughby OH in a haunted century home with his family. He lives for horror in all of its incarnations. He loves zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghouls, goblins, and all things dark, creepy, and horrific. He grew up on a steady diet of Saturday afternoon Hammer Studios classics and Late Night Creature Features hosted by men in mad doctor costumes on creepy sets in the basement of the local network affiliate; and is sad that they don’t do that anymore. Mr. Crowley has two novels and an anthology of short horror fiction to his credit, and has also had short stories and poetry published in both print and online magazines. He writes a creative blog about horror films, literature, and whatever else strikes his fancy under the pseudonym of Doctor Zombie.